Trombone Shorty Talks Raphael Saadiq, Musical Heroes and More

7 01 2013
Troy Andrews and Raphael Saadiq, courtesy Trombone Shorty's Twitter

Troy Andrews and Raphael Saadiq, courtesy Trombone Shorty’s Twitter

Still catching up on some work published in the last month or so, including a feature from DownBeat’s December issue on Trombone Shorty. The peg was his winning the trombonist of the year spot in the 2012 Reader’s Poll, but what he has to say about recording his next album under the production guru-ism of Raphael Saadiq is the exciting stuff.

Personally, I’m relieved that his team is giving him some time to dig into the studio process. Sounds like the last disc was recorded under the duress of an insane schedule, leaving Shorty and (brilliant) producer Ben Ellman to pull too many all-nighters and spend too much time piecing together bits of thoughts and ideas. Looking forward to hearing what Troy comes up with when given the space to record more complete ideas.

DownBeat’s digital edition version is here: “Trombone Shorty: Evolving Naturally”

In other news, the sheer act of typing Saadiq’s name just ensured another full day of spinning “Stone Rollin'” …







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