Preservation Hall Jazz Band: 50 Years of New Orleans Artistry

19 06 2012

Ben Jaffe

Ben Jaffe

Ben Jaffe, Charlie Gabriel, Clint Maedgen and more of the talented folks at Pres Hall spent many hours this spring letting me pick their brains about what it means to be part of the tradition of excellence that is the PHJB, and what will sustain the band, Hall and music going forward. From new albums to a new West Coast home, Ben and his crew detailed some of the exciting developments they’re looking forward to for the rest of 2012, while simultaneously looking back at half a century’s worth of great American jazz.

Like so many others who romanticize the history and culture of New Orleans, I’ve had a personal connection to the Hall since my dad, an avid PHJB fan, and I visited on a driving tour/pilgrimage from Philly one very hot August many years ago. The first things we did were to pay our respects to the Hall, the Mississippi and a memorably sherry-heavy bowl of turtle soup. Two decades later, I can’t imagine a more powerfully satisfying assignment than one that allowed me to delve deeper into the institution that initially drove my boundless love for and curiosity about this city. You can check it out in PDF form (sorry) by clicking here.




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